This 5 KW installation was installed on the roof of the garage to
avoid the shady area of this house situated in a forest like setting.
Installation Image JD
9.635 KW. We never requires tree removal unless doing so is
absolutely necessary. This home still receives ample shade in the
backyard while achieving maximum solar efficiency.
9.84 kW. Installation was done using a non-penetrating ballast
system on a flat roof.
Installation Image GR
9.84 KW. Expansive, uninhibited roof space is ideal for solar.
10.045 KW. We can engineer our solar arrays to use every inch of
possible roof space.
4.92 kW. Solar panels don't always have to be the center of
attention on a homeowner's roof. Thanks to the shallow roof angle
shown above, the solar panel array is virtually unnoticeable from the
We can engineer an effective solar array even on a house that
doesn't homeowner that they could not put solar on their house, We
diligently engineered this solar array on this now famous house in
Aberdeen, NJ.
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