About Us
Solar Engineering of NJ, LLC is a solar electric
engineering and installation firm that offers a
complete line of turnkey solar electric system
solutions focusing on residential and commercial

We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable,
cost-effective solar electric systems, using the
highest quality products available. Our staff of
engineers, electricians and general contractors
manage all aspects of a solar electric system's
design and installation and ensure a complete and
tested system.

Some of the services we offer:

* We will do an accurate solar site survey to determine if your
home is a viable site for a solar system.
* We will give you specific solar power output, annual savings
and payback information for your particular system.
* We will provide you with a five-year warranty for the system.
* We will take care of the necessary building permits, SREC
Applications, Utility Interconnect Agreements, warranty
paperwork and tax credit information.

We are committed to giving our customers peace of
mind while providing sustainable, world-class
clean-energy systems with quality and care. Check
out our
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