The Numbers

Solar systems can vary greatly in size, but purchasing any sized
installation can be a solid investment thanks to the incentives below.
Almost any homeowner or business owner in New Jersey can qualify
for these incentives.
Remember: Solar incentives are better than ever
before, but the benefits of going green might not always be this good.
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Lowering Your Initial Cost

The Federal Tax Credit
Currently the Federal Government gives and unlimited 30% residential
tax credit (or commercial federal grant).  This as well as the SREC
income and electrical savings, makes solar a tremendous investment.

Putting Money in your Pocket

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates are earned for producing clean
energy. SRECs can be sold  to energy companies who must comply
with New Jersey clean energy standards. A typical 10kW system
generates 12-14 SRECs a year, and a solar panel installation is
guaranteed by the state to remain in the SREC program for 15 years.
here to learn more about the SREC program.

Energy Savings
A 10 kW system can save a home or business owner around $200 a
month on energy bills. Maximum system size is determined by your
energy bill, (the larger the bill, the larger the
allowable system) so your
solar panels will always offset a significant proportion of your energy
costs, regardless of your specific energy needs.

The Final Return
These combined incentives grant solar power users about a 12%*
return on investment.
Our customers  can pay off their systems in
about 7 years, then continue to trade SRECs for 8 more years and
expect significant energy savings for
30 years or more.

There has never been a better time to go green. Contact us today
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*This return is dependant on the value of SREC's as well as electrical
energy prices.  Both can fluctuate due to market conditions.
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